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Classes Offered

At Evolve Dance Center we strive to train versatile dancers, so we offer a variety of classes to strengthen their technical skills in all genres. Here is a list of the types of classes we offer:


This genre combines elements of acrobatics and floor gymnastics with classical dance. A typical class begins with a warm up and stretching. The dancers then work on various skills and progressions such as back bends, front walkovers, aerials, and back handsprings. This type of class is more self motivated than others, as dancers can work on different tricks in a specific category than one another at the same time.

Hip Hop

This genre is a range of street dance styles such as waacking, breaking, and house. It is typically danced to Hip Hop or Pop music.


A genre of dance performed wearing shoes fitted with metal taps, that is characterized by rhythmical tapping of the toes and heels.


This genre is an artistic dance form performed to music using precise and highly formalized set steps and gestures. It is also characterized by light, graceful, and fluid movements. A typical class format is barre, stretching, center, and across the floor. 


Progressions for ballet include working on variations and going on pointe.


This form of dance is often matched to the rhythms and techniques of jazz music. Unlike ballet, movements can be done in parallel instead of turned out. Dancers will begin with a warm up and stretch, then move into technique. Some teachers may end class with a combination.


This is an overarching umbrella for a variety of European partner dance styles. Dancers may wear ballroom shoes in this class, which consist of a heel.

Jumps & Turns

This class works exclusively on the technical elements of jazz such as various turns, jumps, and leg extensions.

Stretch / Pilates

With focus on increasing our dancer’s strength, control, and flexibility, this class combines elements of pilates and deep stretches.


A free and expressive style of dancing, this genre combines elements from several others such as classical modern and jazz. Dancers will begin class with a warm up and then shift into technique, oftentimes across the floor. They will also be taught a combination.


This dance style combines various elements of ballet, jazz, acrobatics, and modern dance. It is associated with emotional displays and illustrations of song lyrics.

Combination Classes

For ages 2.5-5, we offer Combo. This class is a combination of tap and ballet. Splitting the hour between these 2 styles helps introduce various movement and retain the attention span of little ones.

For dancers ages 4-6, we may offer Tumble Tots (Jazz & Acro), Tap N Hop (Tap & Hip Hop), or Jazz N Hop (Jazz & Hip Hop).

*Some classes may not be offered at all times. Factors such as interest and availability may cause fluctuation in the classes we offer

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