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The Project

What is it?

The Project is our group of competitive dancers. 

We strive to create versatile dancers and do so by training them in a variety of genres. We also promote the values of dedication, unity, and good sportsmanship across our team.

How does my dancer join Project?

Auditions are held at the beginning of each season, typically during the month of August. Our instructors will then place the dancers on various teams and select dancers for different routines. Dancers are placed on a track based on their placements.

What is it like to be on Project?

Here is a glimpse of the Project Experience:



Our Project dancers will compete in several regional competitions throughout the season, and one national competition at the end of the season. Some competitions may take place out of state.

Untitled design (1).png


Our Project dancers will take new headshots at the beginning of every dance season. They will have the opportunity to participate in optional photoshoots as well.

Untitled (11 x 5 in).png


Our Project dancers may have the opportunity to work with a variety guest artists in different workshops or through choreographed routines. Guest artists we have worked with in the past are Lacey Schwimmer, Justin Myles, Allison Burke, Alex Yonk, Taylor Bradley, Rumer Noelle, and Gina Pero.



Project dancers will have the opportunity to participate in many different conventions through out the season. These events are great opportunities for the dancers to learn from other professionals in the field of dance and even earn scholarships for other events.



Several exciting Project events take place throughout the season. In the month of December, we host holiday parties for our Project dancers to bond and celebrate the hard work they have put into the season so far. We also host an end of the season celebration for our Project dancers to acknowledge our team's accomplishments and bring everyone together.

Project dancers will also participate in an adjudication prior to their first competition to prepare them for what it is like to perform on stage and in front of judges.

Sounds like this is for you?

Save the date for our upcoming auditions!

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