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Season VII Concert

Concert Guide: What to expect the day of the show...

Below, you’ll find all the information you need to have a stress free Show.




What time does my dancer need to arrive?

Dancers will need to arrive at the venue 1 hour prior to the show start time and be checked-in with their first costume on with stage hair and makeup.


  • Hair - all female dancers must wear a low bun with a middle part.
    Combo Class (Ballet & Tap) please have dancers wear their hair half up with curls. 

  • Makeup - preferred for all dancers please use natural colors with dark red lipstick, if your dancer is 5 and under, they may just wear pink blush and dark red lipstick, eye make up is not needed. The makeup is not for vanity but to prevent their faces from being washed out by the stage lighting.


What happens after my dancer is checked-in and what happens after the show?

Have them bring everything they will need for the show, if they are in multiple dancers, please have them in their first costume. Dancers with multiple shows will be permitted to leave their items in the dressing room, however, they will need to be picked up and re-checked in for each performance they may be in. 


Please be sure to label everything. Please do not have your dancer bring anything of value backstage, EDC and DOHS will not be responsible for any lost items that are not properly identifiable.  Water and light snack will be available to them in the dressing rooms, please do not have your dancer bring water containers if they are only in 1 show performance. Please avoid bringing dance bags if they are only in 1 performance number.

Please make sure your younger dancer uses the restroom prior to being checked in, however, our parent volunteers will assist them if needed backstage.


If your dancer is 9 and Under they will be released to you at the stage after the show. Dancers 10 and older will be permitted to return backstage after the final bow to retrieve their personal belongings and meet you in the venue lobby.  


What time can I get to my seat?

The audience will be permitted to enter the theater 30 mins prior to the show start time.  Seating is assigned and the seat number will be on your ticket. Ticket sales will close on Friday evening, June 9th

House Rules

  • As a courtesy to our dancers and those around you, we ask that all audience members remain seated for the entire performance.  If you do need to leave the theater, please do so between numbers. 

  • For the safety of our dancers and as a courtesy to the other audience members, videography will be strictly prohibited.  A professional digital copy will be sent to your emails to enjoy at home or share with other friends and family.

  • No Food allowed in the theater - water bottles or water containers will be permitted

  • If you pre-purchased concert merchandise, you can pick it up in the venue lobby, before or after your dancer's performance.


Frequently Asked Questions


Why are parents not allowed backstage?

Having too many people coming and going from backstage is a security risk! It also decreases the amount of interruptions in the theater during and in between performances. The only people allowed backstage are the dancers, Evolve Dance Center Staff and  assigned parent volunteers working the event.  All dancers will remain backstage during the show.


Who will be watching my child backstage?  Who will help my child change?

The Evolve Dance Center Concert will have reliable and responsible parent volunteers helping in each dressing room.  Generally, our parents assigned to the groups have dancers in those groups, so they are familiar with the dancers and dances. These parents will help with changes, makeup touch ups and anything else your child may need. Their teachers will also be backstage.  


Will I need to go backstage to get their things?

NO. Your dancer’s things will be repacked by the volunteer member your child is assigned to.  We stress that you have everything labeled to ensure the right items are sent home with the right dancer.  Please avoid sending your dancer with dance bags if they are only in 1 dance number.


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